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will never be the same.

We want to be a church that is devoted to reaching people for Jesus

We see as God’s calling upon us, his people, to REACH others for Him. Someone reached us or we would not be believers ourselves, as we were all born into sin. It is our job as a body of believers, a church, to tell others of the power of Jesus Christ to change lives not only eternally but today as well.
We want to always be devoted to His word

The Christian life is not a natural life. God in his wisdom has not left us without help. He has given us His eternal word, and as we move to become more like him we must internalize His Word, make it part of ourselves. That entails the teaching of God's Word. The Christian life is one of continual growth, and we must all learn to be more like our Lord Jesus.
We want to be a church devoted to fulfilling the Great Commission

It is our responsibility to carry out the Great Commission. We do so with JOY! We believe that our mission is to tell those who have yet to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to teach them of His Love.

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still water - 2024 priorities

How we will live our Mission and Vision in 2024!

deepening our devotion

Through faith in Jesus' death, burial and resurrection, we have a personal relationship with God and have received the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit. Our desire is to continue to draw closer to God through a deepening faith in Jesus and a more consistent yielding to the Holy Spirit's presence, which overflows into disciplines, practices and habits that please God.


Our mission: "Reach, teach, multiply" comes from the Great Commission. Jesus told his disciples to begin in Jerusalem then carry the Gospel out to the world. Whether it is your workplace, your neighborhood, your marketplace, your friend or your family, we are asking "Each One Reach One" in your Jerusalem. Pray, Invest, Invite!


Our vision begins with, "Still Water exists to make disciples who make disciples..." We desire to move from an idea to a reality. We are asking each of you to commit to investing in 1-3 others weekly. Be in the Word and commit to hearing, doing and sharing what it says. Share your lives with one another and purpose to make disciples who will make disciples.

serving his kingdom

When we consider what God has done for us from creating, salvation and one day glorification, there is only "One Reasonable Response," that we present our bodies as living sacrifices. The local church is God's design to take Jesus, the Hope of the World, to the world. Find your place, present yourself as a living sacrifice and serve His Kingdom; it is your reasonable response! 

centered on christ

compelled to reach the unconvinced

committed to making fully devoted followers