Parent Resources

Parents and guardians, we believe that God has called you to a great responsibility- to be the spiritual leader in the discipleship of your teen. We know that it can be daunting and difficult. We want to be faithful to partner with you, which is why we want to equip you with resources relevant to issues that your teens may face.

Our sincere hope and prayer is that you would realize that you are not alone in this task. We want to come alongside you, so please do not hesitate to reach out!

FREE Parent Helps and further support

The parent guides included below are just A FEW guides from Axis, which provides Biblical Teen Parenting Resources. They have more resources, videos, podcasts, etc. on a variety of issues that your teen is facing including topics like Identity & Sex, Dating, Gender & Sexuality, Mental Health, TikTok, Smartphones, and more! We have not been able to review all of their resources, but the ones we have are solid and encouraging. We hope that they may be of benefit to you!

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